My goal is to have my own channel where I curate some of the most creative content people can create. A Groundlings , and Upright Citizen’s alum; I have been in many improv and sketch groups in Los Angeles.
Like every creator; I create more than just moving pictures and I am always down for a challenge.

You wanna know more ? I’m blushing … or something like that.

DIY artist ; I have created many adventures. Most notably was 33 Films in 33 Days where …well we created just that. I have sold many commercials, webisodes, and ideas to companies such as Bud Light, Lyft, Coors Light , Thermador , Hewlett Packard, and most recently Groupon’s mother’s day commercial contest; all as a freelance artist.

Currently producing three shows that I have written and created.

I am looking to collaborate with the people that would pull over to help push someone’s car stuck in the middle of the road; help an oldie cross the street; pass out blankets and food to the homeless. People that know that the love of humanity should always be at the foundation of creating art. Those are the people I want as my peers, and friends.