Single AF – Feature. Film update.

Single AF – Feature. Film update.

Always keep your word.

The saying ‘ Everything happens for a reason’ has kept me afloat. I believe it. I better, cause if I don’t; I will have to travel back in time to slap a couple of people.

I ended principal photography in February, right after I came back from Sundance.

Upon editing I realized a more exciting storyline that could have happened so I went back and rewrote a little and decided to shoot some extra scenes.

This is hard when there is zero money left in the budget. It’s hard and yet it’s not impossible. Nothing is.

While editing, I had time to add more scripts to my desk as if I needed more. The problem is that I want to make all of them. I don’t get writer’s block because I believe it’s a made up term. If you’re blocked it’s your brain telling you to write something else for a little bit, or give it up all together.

Now I have a couple more series written; one is 8 episodes and the other is 10. One is a drama, the other is a comedy. I love writing one of each at the same time that way depending on my mood; I always have something I am working on.

Back to the film (see what happens), I have a full day of shooting on Sunday and then a couple more days shooting landscape and building exteriors.

Edit it, color it, and compose the audio. It needs to be out by Halloween!!!!



Watch ‘Butterflies’ on Amazon Prime 

This amazing short film will make you ________________.

Produced by Scott Lewallen , Directed by Trevor LaPaglia .

Written by Robert Alesandro , DP Zachary Thiessen.

Starring Robert Alesandro , Colin McShane , Vanessa C. Morgan , Casey Ruggeiri

Check it out … it’s free to watch.